When someone is playfully doing something, they are acting in a way that is intended to be fun and enjoyable. They are usually not taking the situation very seriously.

  • She was playingfully hitting him with her purse.

  • He was playfully trying to catch the ball.

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Example Sentences for playfully

  • 1

    The man spoke playfully.

  • 2

    The baby then playfully bonks Tom on the head.

  • 3

    The first part starts simply but playfully.

  • 4

    The lady is playfully hesitant and artfully demure.

  • 5

    A rapscallion is one who is playfully mischievous or a scoundrel.

  • 6

    By some, SIDSPACE is playfully known as the ablative astronaut.

  • 7

    Stout was playfully erratic about details in the stories.

  • 8

    The libretto playfully evokes the theories of Carl Jung.

  • 9

    Ruby and the other employees interact playfully during the song.

  • 10

    His sister playfully knocks on the door of a large house.