When someone is pitiless, they are very cruel and heartless. They don't care about the feelings of other people, and they don't care about what will happen to them.

  • The pitiless judge refused to give her a fair trial.

  • The pitiless teacher refused to give her a chance to explain her actions.

Definition of pitiless


without mercy or pity


remorseless, ruthless, unpitying


deficient in humane and kindly feelings



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Example Sentences for pitiless

  • 1

    History is pitiless, and this is the past.

  • 2

    He is a pitiless killer.

  • 3

    A pitiless campaign for a manhunt was started.

  • 4

    One suggested that Girty was a pitiless instigator.

  • 5

    John, who is pitiless, was poisoned already in 1425.

  • 6

    Cavallotti then began against him a pitiless campaign of defamation.

  • 7

    It means that a relevant point on the pitiless nature of Voldemort is lost.

  • 8

    Full of rage, he attacks Camelot with pitiless intensity.

  • 9

    Some pitiless fellow will shed the blood of your dear ones.

  • 10

    You are relentless, only towards yourself, forever cold and pitiless.