When you are walking or climbing, it's important to watch out for any potential pitfalls. Pitfalls are areas where you might fall down, and they can be very dangerous.

  • He walked right into a pitfall and got stuck.

  • Watch out for the pitfalls in the path; they're dangerous.

Definition of pitfall


an unforeseen or unexpected or surprising difficulty


booby trap


a trap in the form of a concealed hole



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Example Sentences for pitfall

  • 1

    The spider hunts on the ground and often gets caught in pitfall traps.

  • 2

    There's the great pitfall of charity.

  • 3

    These are the pitfalls of justificationism and positivism.

  • 4

    It explains several of the major pitfalls.

  • 5

    What is the biggest pitfall in this procedure

  • 6

    One pitfall of these activities is the stability of the game.

  • 7

    I hit the first pitfall almost immediately.

  • 8

    The most sensitive pitfall to avoid is in the deleting process.

  • 9

    In some Hasidic schools, this pitfall of mystical escapism is avoided.

  • 10

    Penny discovers that the pitfall is another way to the treasure cave.