To pin something is to fasten it down with a pin. You might pin a dress down so that it doesn't move.

  • She pinned the dress down so that it wouldn't move.

  • He pinned the article to the wall so that it would stay in place.

Definition of pinning


a mutual promise of a couple not to date anyone else; on college campuses it was once signaled by the giving of a fraternity pin

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Example Sentences for pinning

  • 1

    Type your pin number in the machine.

  • 2

    A locking pin is provided for securing the shackle pin to the forked member.

  • 3

    The strings are hooked to the pins.

  • 4

    The photo of the pin is in the public domain.

  • 5

    The pin code of the village is unique.

  • 6

    A stop in the groove limits the travel of the pin.

  • 7

    An elegy for Vizzini was pinned to the church door.

  • 8

    The pin consists of a hound, identical to that on the pendant.

  • 9

    Adjustable pins on the collar control the depth of the opening.

  • 10

    His white cravat is fastened with a gold pin.