A pickpocket is a thief who steals items from people by stealing their wallets. They are usually very quick and skilled at what they do, and they never stop moving.

  • The pickpocket was very quick and skilled, and he managed to steal a lot of wallets from people.

  • The pickpocket was caught trying to steal a wallet from a man in a crowded area.

Definition of pickpocket


a thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places


cutpurse, dip

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Example Sentences for pickpocket

  • 1

    You suspect that may be a pickpocket, and check your wallet.

  • 2

    A pickpocket exercising their skills is engaged in pickpocketing.

  • 3

    The police caught the pickpocket at the airport.

  • 4

    Murray and Bentley can now pickpocket.

  • 5

    A pickpocket is seen wandering through the crowd.

  • 6

    The narrator accuses the hitchhiker of being a pickpocket.

  • 7

    To this day she is an excellent pickpocket and lockpick.

  • 8

    He is a smuggler, thief, pickpocket and boat pilot.

  • 9

    The character has a pickpocket skill with a level of 11.

  • 10

    The pickpocket is discovered cheating and is forced to walk the plank.