Physicists are people who study the basic laws of physics. They are also responsible for developing new methods of measuring physical phenomena.

  • The physicist was trying to find a new way to measure the speed of light.

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    The head of the project was the nuclear physicist Igor Kurchatov.

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    The physicist was criticized for his work.

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    Physicists are biased regarding the Thermonuclear Laws.

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    She is the only physicist working in the field.

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    The current president is the physicist Nicola Cabibbo.

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    The physicists are going to dictate terminology to the mathematicians.

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    He was the son of the renowned physicist Jules Jamin.

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    The oncologist and the physicist must both sign off on that.

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    The physicist John Tyndall was the most prominent of the scientists.

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    Would the physicist have made the same objection