Phonological is a word that refers to the way that words are pronounced. This includes the way that letters are pronounced, the sounds that are made, and the rules that are used to make these sounds.

  • Phonological rules are important for word pronunciation.

  • Phonological rules can change from one language to another.

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Example Sentences for phonological

  • 1

    This is independent of phonology and the lexicon.

  • 2

    The phonology the articulators were defined.

  • 3

    This article discusses the phonology of the language.

  • 4

    Most of the differences are seen in phonetics and phonology.

  • 5

    The language is typologically aberrant and phonologically difficult.

  • 6

    The phonology of the language is here the obstacle not the orthography.

  • 7

    The transcription is in accordance with the Irish phonology article.

  • 8

    This article describes the phonology of the Occitan language.

  • 9

    This article is about the phonology of the Finnish language.

  • 10

    This article is about the phonology of the Italian language.