Phonetically means that the words are pronounced the way they are spelled. This is different from dialectally, which means that the words are pronounced in a particular way that is different from the way that they are spelled.

  • The word is pronounced phonetically, which is different from how it is spelled.

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Example Sentences for phonetically

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    Phonetics are how the sounds make up the word.

  • 2

    The appendage is perhaps phonetic.

  • 3

    In phonetics, 'enunciation' is the act of speaking.

  • 4

    The IPA symbols in the cells are phonetic.

  • 5

    The term is more common in phonetics.

  • 6

    Most of the differences are seen in phonetics and phonology.

  • 7

    In phonetics, the smallest perceptible segment is a phone.

  • 8

    I disagree with the removal of the phonetics section.

  • 9

    The short vowel has the phonetic value.

  • 10

    I can add the phonetics at the same time.