Petrified means frozen in fear or terror. When the petrified man saw the snake, he was frozen with fear.

  • The petrified man was so afraid that he could not move.

  • The petrified man was so afraid that he could not speak.

Definition of petrified


Extremely afraid.


To harden organic matter by permeating with water and depositing dissolved minerals.


To produce rigidity akin to stone.


To immobilize with fright.


To become stone, or of a stony hardness, as organic matter by calcareous deposits.


To become stony, callous, or obdurate.


To make callous or obdurate; to stupefy; to paralyze; to transform; as by petrification.

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Example Sentences for petrified

  • 1

    It leaves the viewer frightened, terrified and petrified.

  • 2

    I was petrified by the ghost.

  • 3

    It does petrify me.

  • 4

    Will either evolve or petrify

  • 5

    Parthenon then tried to petrify Suguru.

  • 6

    His victims are petrified in the process.

  • 7

    The state gem is petrified wood.

  • 8

    I'm afraid I might petrify.

  • 9

    It either covers the enemy within silver to petrify it.

  • 10

    A lot of it would petrify any normal girl.