To persuade someone is to convince them to do something. Persuading someone can be difficult, but it is usually worth it.

  • He tried to persuade her to go out with him, but she didn't want to listen.

  • The politician tried to persuade the public to vote for him, but they didn't believe him.

Definition of persuading


To successfully convince (someone) to agree to, accept, or do something, usually through reasoning and verbal influence.


To convince of by argument, or by reasons offered or suggested from reflection, etc.; to cause to believe (something).


To urge, plead; to try to convince (someone to do something).


An act of persuasion.

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Example Sentences for persuading

  • 1

    The cash that induces the journals to sway the doctors to persuade the public.

  • 2

    You think I'm trying to convince you of something, persuade or cajole you.

  • 3

    They are the persuadable conservatives.

  • 4

    I'm persuadable, but not currently comfortable.

  • 5

    The maid persuaded her to sleep.

  • 6

    I'm persuadable if more work is done on it.

  • 7

    I'm persuadable to expand the scope of the article.

  • 8

    He is probably persuadable either way.

  • 9

    I am totally persuadable here.

  • 10

    The article was perspicuous enough to persuade the readers.