Perpetually means forever. The flowers will perpetually be alive, even if they don't get watered.

  • The perpetual flame will always be burning.

  • The company is perpetually losing money, even though they are doing everything that they're supposed to.

Definition of perpetually


without interruption


always, constantly, forever, incessantly


everlastingly; for all time

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Example Sentences for perpetually

  • 1

    It is to preserve the perpetual memory of it.

  • 2

    The video is perpetually unavailable.

  • 3

    It perpetuates the memory of the medieval shrine.

  • 4

    Should the tag stay there in perpetuity

  • 5

    The difference is discussed in the perpetual motion.

  • 6

    The fact that it was ceded in perpetuity is important.

  • 7

    The lamp is kept perpetually burning.

  • 8

    The lands and interests are held in perpetuity.

  • 9

    The only fraud is the perpetuation of lies.

  • 10

    The project was perpetually in the design phase.