To perk up is to make something more cheerful or enjoyable. When you perk up someone's day, you make them feel better.

  • The flowers perk up the room with their beautiful colors.

  • The speaker tried to perk up the audience with some humorous remarks.

Definition of perk


an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)


fringe benefit, perquisite


gain or regain energy


gain vigor, percolate, perk up, pick up

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Example Sentences for perk

  • 1

    Perks is notable as an environmentalist.

  • 2

    The role is a responsibility, not a perk.

  • 3

    At the top of the masthead, the perks are perkier.

  • 4

    Inspirational leadership is the ultimate perk.

  • 5

    That would be a nice perk of this work.

  • 6

    This was a 'perk' of the job and a right of the baker.

  • 7

    Franking is a very minor perk of office.

  • 8

    Get the perk back into your hair.

  • 9

    It does perk one up to be noticed.

  • 10

    The military decorations were the perks of the officers.