Peristalsis is the process of the intestines moving food through the body. It happens in the stomach and small intestine, and it helps to digest food.

  • Peristalsis is responsible for moving food through the intestines.

  • The peristalsis was slow, which was causing the food to move slowly through the intestines.

Definition of peristalsis


the process of wavelike muscle contractions of the alimentary tract that moves food along



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Example Sentences for peristalsis

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    This is also known as peristalsis.

  • 2

    It also affects peristalsis in the stomach.

  • 3

    It is responsible for gut movement such as peristalsis.

  • 4

    In the esophagus, two types of peristalsis occur.

  • 5

    If swallowed it can trigger peristalsis diarrhoea .

  • 6

    Their principal method of action is to inhibit peristalsis.

  • 7

    It resembles ordinary peristalsis but is not preceded by a zone of inhibition.

  • 8

    Peristalsis offers little insight into how this might work.