To perceive something is to understand it, to be aware of it. When you perceive a color, you are seeing the color that is reflected in the light.

  • The child perceives the world in a different way than the adults do.

  • The scientist is trying to understand the perception of color.

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Example Sentences for perceives

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    Sentience is the ability to feel or perceive subjectively.

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    This initial tactile feel ads to the perceived value of the garment.

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    There is no perceivable benefit.

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    A perceivable world is an abstraction.

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    The details in the document are perceived.

  • 6

    Its grandeur is still perceivable.

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    Instead, they are perceived as the timbre of the tone.

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    Perceiving the watch is the subject aspect.

  • 9

    The problem is a perceived partiality of Mikka.

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    They could not perceive the elapse of time.