To pen something is to write it down. You might pen a letter or a document.

  • He is penning a book about the history of the country.

  • She is penning a letter to her friends about her vacation.

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Example Sentences for penning

  • 1

    Did you know that people used to write with plume just like an ink pen

  • 2

    Betty uses pen and ink to draw a machine.

  • 3

    The other end of the holder is connected to an ink reservoir of the pen.

  • 4

    The proctor hands out papers and pens.

  • 5

    She drew suggestive pen and ink views of the interior of the cript.

  • 6

    The pen and paper on the table signify the rule of law.

  • 7

    This eliminates the need to grip the pen and push the tip into the paper.

  • 8

    The dictation began, but in the rush of writing Ganesha's feather pen broke.

  • 9

    The red pen is for the query and the blue pen is for nothing.

  • 10

    How is this pen sinuated