The peasantry are the people who live on the farm or in the countryside. They are usually poor and have little power or rights.

  • The peasantry are the people who work on the farm.

  • The peasantry are the people who live in the countryside.

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    As the yeoman class is considerd to be of the peasantry.

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    It is for the broad masses of the proletariat and peasantry.

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    It is a given that the peasantry, of course, is class stratified.

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    Another very important factor was the social discontent of the peasantry.

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    Li Causi denounced the unjust exploitation of the peasantry by the Mafia.

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    He appealed to the uneducated peasantry and numerous conversions resulted.

  • 7

    Her works often idealized rural life and praised the countryside and peasantry.

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    It's not definite that they're peasantry.

  • 9

    Agricultural regression and peasantry.

  • 10

    Others are titles of nobility and peasantry.