Pathologically means in a pathological way. When you say that someone is pathologically lazy, you mean that they are lazy to an abnormal degree.

  • He is pathologically lazy, which is why he can't ever seem to get anything done.

  • The disease is pathologically severe, and the patient is in a lot of pain.

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    Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease.

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    The Canon provides a full understanding of the pathology of contagious disease.

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    Pathological is the adjective form of the term.

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    Pathological lying is not a kind of factitious disorder.

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    Studies in the pathology and pathogenesis of experimental brucellosis.

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    Counter examples are pathological in the context of this discussion.

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    The challenges are chronic, to the extreme of being pathological.

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    The first pathological change in the microvasculature is vasoconstriction.

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    The molecular cause of the pathology is not fully understood.

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    Thrombosis is the pathological development of blood clots.