Patchy means uneven or unevenly distributed. The leaves on the tree are patchy because they are not uniform in their size or color.

  • The painting was patchy because the colors were not very consistent.

  • The roads were patchy because the asphalt was not evenly applied.

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Example Sentences for patchy

  • 1

    The distribution of all three is patchy.

  • 2

    The history section is rather patchy.

  • 3

    The distribution of the species in Mexico is patchy and restricted.

  • 4

    The editing process is still patchy and incomplete.

  • 5

    The issue of openness is a little more patchy.

  • 6

    The article feels a little bit patchy at the moment.

  • 7

    The cygnet is a patchy color, with brown and gray hues.

  • 8

    The problem I think is that the coverage will be very patchy.

  • 9

    The data about the populations of binary objects are still patchy.

  • 10

    The database is amongst the most confounded and patchy in medical science.