A pastureland is a land area that is used to grow animals. Pastureland usually includes some kind of grass or other kind of plant that the animals can eat.

  • The farm is raising cows on pastureland.

  • The forest is a great place to find pastureland because there is a lot of grass there.

Definition of pastureland


a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock


grazing land, lea, ley, pasture

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Example Sentences for pastureland

  • 1

    The rest of the inland contains pastureland and arable farmland.

  • 2

    Drought management on range and pastureland.

  • 3

    Surrounding the settlement is rolling and fertile pastureland.

  • 4

    Both fields and pastureland are common in the region.

  • 5

    The cleared land would then be used as pastureland.

  • 6

    To the west and south are citrus orchards and pastureland.

  • 7

    Pastureland was to be improved by expanding irrigation and by combating pests.

  • 8

    Meadows cover about, and pastureland covers about.

  • 9

    Its natural habitats are dry savanna and pastureland.

  • 10

    Its natural habitats are moist savanna and pastureland.