When someone is partnered, they are married or in a relationship. They are also called a spouse.

  • She is partnered with a guy she met online.

  • He is partnered with a woman he met at the library.

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Example Sentences for partnered

  • 1

    The couple was chaperoned on the date by two of the person's ex partners.

  • 2

    The man's partner is an actress.

  • 3

    The woman was the receptive partner.

  • 4

    She is also the partner of Slake.

  • 5

    I am not a supplicant but a partner.

  • 6

    Many of the moves involve the swapping of partners.

  • 7

    She is the partner of the philosopher Dale Jamieson.

  • 8

    Dreier was the sole equity partner of the firm.

  • 9

    He is adventurous of spirit, and is the partner of Paffa.

  • 10

    The cornerstone of the male partner evaluation is the history.