To parade is to walk or march in a way that is intended to show off your strength or power. The soldiers were parading through the town to show off their military might.

  • The parade was very impressive, and it showed off the city's military might.

  • The parade was a way to show off the new uniforms that the school was going to be wearing.

Definition of parading


To march in or as if in a procession.


To cause (someone) to march in or as if in a procession; to display or show (something) during a procession.


To exhibit in a showy or ostentatious manner.


show off


To march past.


To march through or along; (of a vehicle) to move slowly through or along.


To assemble to receive orders.


To assemble (soldiers, sailors) for inspection, to receive orders, etc.


(of geese and other waterfowl) To march in a line led by one parent and often trailed by the other.


The act of one who parades.

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Example Sentences for parading

  • 1

    The centrepiece of the festival is a parade on the Sunday.

  • 2

    The parade ends at the site of the festival.

  • 3

    The most anticipated showing of the festival is the annual parade.

  • 4

    The end of the parade route is near the Festival location at the Civic Center.

  • 5

    The article is about the parade.

  • 6

    The parade was the highlight of the evening.

  • 7

    During the gala, there is a parade of candidates.

  • 8

    The gala and the parade were fantastic.

  • 9

    The highlight of the weekend is the Grand Parade.

  • 10

    The next day is the grad parade.