To panic is to become very worried and excited. When you panic, your heart rate goes up, and you might start to have a heart attack.

  • She started to panic when she realized she had left her purse at the restaurant.

  • The students were panicking when they realized there was a fire in the building.

Definition of panicking


To feel overwhelming fear.


To cause somebody to panic.


(by extension) To crash.


(by extension) To cause the system to crash.

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Example Sentences for panicking

  • 1

    The animals stared to panic.

  • 2

    The chorus is reminiscent of Panic by The Smiths.

  • 3

    The discovery caused panic in the auditorium.

  • 4

    The miscreants did not scamper nor panic.

  • 5

    The panic was perpetrated by the Serbian and Yugoslav armies.

  • 6

    The source of the report is from the public panic.

  • 7

    In a panic and excruciating pain, the man ran outside.

  • 8

    It caused chaos and panic among the addressees of the message.

  • 9

    She was elated at the end of 'Full Metal Panic

  • 10

    The boy begins to panic as his claustrophobia sets in.