A paleontologist is a scientist who studies the fossils of ancient animals. They work to learn more about the history of the earth and the animals that lived on it.

  • He is a paleontologist, which is why he knows so much about fossils.

  • She is a paleontologist, which is why she was able to identify the fossil that he found.

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    I'm a mammalian paleontologist and a taxonomist.

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    The family was named by the paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope in 1889.

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    An insight into the life of a paleontologist.

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    He almost certainly is the paleontologist.

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    I am an undergrad paleontologist.

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    I'd reword it, but I'm no paleontologist.

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    Paleontologists are certainly wary of emphasizing it.

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    But again, I'm not a plant paleontologist.

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    Also, I'm not an invertebrate paleontologist.

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    The bot operator is not a vertebrate paleontologist.