Paganism is a religion that is based on the worship of nature. Some people who are pagans believe that nature is the source of all life, and they honor it by sacrificing animals or plants.

  • The pagans worshiped the sun, moon, and stars.

  • Some pagans worship nature in general, while others focus on one particular nature god or goddess.

Definition of paganism


any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or Islamism


heathenism, pagan religion

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Example Sentences for paganism

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    The man is interested in all pagan religions.

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    He supported the restoration of Hellenic paganism as the state religion.

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    The article on the historical Viking Age religion is at Norse paganism.

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    Compare this to the coverage of paganism or economics.

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    What is the actual symbol of Paganism

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    Neopaganism is focused on the modern revival of paganism.

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    He also deleted the link to paganism.

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    The origin of the stories is from pagan times.

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    The poem expressly says that the people in it are pagan.

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    Many of the festivals are known to descend from paganism.