Oversimplify is to make something too simple or easy to understand. When you oversimplify something, you reduce it to its most basic form.

  • The politician oversimplified the issue by saying that the treaty was a bad idea.

  • The teacher oversimplified the lesson by only giving a few examples.

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Example Sentences for oversimplify

  • 1

    Don't oversimplify the question.

  • 2

    I probably tried to oversimplify.

  • 3

    I'll oversimplify it for sake of argument.

  • 4

    Please try not to oversimplify the concept.

  • 5

    So let's not oversimplify things.

  • 6

    No, we may not oversimplify the matter.

  • 7

    It is not helpful to oversimplify theoretical physics.

  • 8

    Allow me to extremely oversimplify.

  • 9

    To oversimplify them in this way is not helpful.

  • 10

    I think you might be oversimplifying the Panda's survival and adaptability.