Overshoot is when a spacecraft or rocket goes beyond the limits that were set for it. When the rocket overshoots its target, it can end up going too far and crashing into something.

  • The rocket overshot its target and hit a building.

  • The spacecraft overshot its target and ended up crashing into a planet.

Definition of overshoot


an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt


go-around, wave-off


aim too high


shoot beyond or over (a target)

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Example Sentences for overshoot

  • 1

    Overshoot with information by all means.

  • 2

    The first is referred to as a wingline overshoot.

  • 3

    This demonstrated the overshooting and subsequent readjustment.

  • 4

    This explains the persistence of the overshoot and undershoot.

  • 5

    This prevents overshoot and instability of the actuator.

  • 6

    Following from overshoot and undershoot is clipping.

  • 7

    Ringing is the result of overshoot caused by an underdamped circuit.

  • 8

    PI controllers tend to overshoot the set point.

  • 9

    Also see the definition of overshoot in an electronics context.

  • 10

    The search spread to the sides of the runway and the overshoot area.