Understood means to understand fully. When you oversee something, you are responsible for it and you make sure that it is done properly.

  • The supervisor oversees the production line.

  • The supervisor oversees the new project.

Definition of oversaw


To survey, look at something in a wide angle.


To supervise, guide, review or direct the actions of a person or group.




To inspect, examine


To fail to see; to overlook, ignore.


To observe secretly or unintentionally.

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Example Sentences for oversaw

  • 1

    Sixteen pupils supervise and oversee the remainder of the prefects.

  • 2

    We have sent hundreds of weapons inspectors to oversee the disarmament of Iraq.

  • 3

    The sheriff oversees the auction.

  • 4

    She oversees the creation of the Archetype.

  • 5

    The agency oversees the health of the population.

  • 6

    Nextel is overseeing the changeover for the federal government.

  • 7

    He oversees the military functions of enemy.

  • 8

    The business manager oversees the administration of the camp.

  • 9

    The chairman oversees all areas of the warehouse.

  • 10

    A small committee was elected to oversee the disinfection of the hospital.