Overpopulation is when there are too many people in a particular area, and it is causing problems. There is not enough space to live, and the resources that are available are not being used efficiently.

  • The overpopulation of the city is causing a lot of problems.

  • The overpopulation of the planet is causing a lot of problems.

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Example Sentences for overpopulation

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    Or is the definition of overpopulation in error

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    The category is in no danger of overpopulation.

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    The reason for the exodus was probably overpopulation.

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    There are no simple solutions to the problem of overpopulation.

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    This can prevent overpopulation in the future.

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    It was driven by the overpopulation and a scarcity of land in Sweden.

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    These additions helped limit overpopulation of the school.

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    This doesn't seem to be the definition of overpopulation at all.

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    The high rate of fertility has resulted in overpopulation.

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    The world has far exceeded overpopulation of humans.