To outwit someone is to beat them at their own game. You can outwit someone by using their own rules against them, or by using your own skills to defeat them.

  • She outwitted the other kids by using her knowledge of the rules to her advantage.

  • He outwitted the other kids by playing in their own game.

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Example Sentences for outwitting

  • 1

    They have to outwit the competition.

  • 2

    The three outwit the Kzinti and escape.

  • 3

    The two both outwit him and survive.

  • 4

    A plan was devised to outwit the brothers, with the help of Rosina.

  • 5

    Always, the humans manage to outwit and defeat the taniwha.

  • 6

    How do you outwit the guards and henchmen

  • 7

    Eventually, Albany outwits the gangsters and foils the robbery.

  • 8

    He managed to outwit Batman and Robin in the first battle.

  • 9

    He seems to be constantly outwitted by the shark and his friends.

  • 10

    The gags are plenty as the Gophers continue to outwit their canine nemesis.