Outwards refers to the direction that something is pointing or moving. The outward appearance of something is usually how we first perceive it.

  • The outward appearance of the car is very important to the buyers.

  • The outward appearance of the candidate is very important to the voters.

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Example Sentences for outwards

  • 1

    The protuberance is curved outwards and upwards.

  • 2

    There is an outward protrusion in the rim to the south.

  • 3

    The centrifugal force is the outward acting force.

  • 4

    The outward facing edges of the fins are serrated.

  • 5

    The tapes resist the outward movement of the columns.

  • 6

    The area is rich in all the outward trappings of democracy.

  • 7

    The asci elongate into the ostiole, and discharge the ascospores outward.

  • 8

    The cabin is offset to the left of the train facing outwards.

  • 9

    The contrivance consists of an outward cylinder and an inward cylinder.

  • 10

    The faces of the stone voussoirs of the arches are projected outward.