When something is outsized, it is larger than normal. An outsized ego is one example of something that is oversized.

  • His oversized ego was his biggest problem.

  • The oversized dress was too big for her.

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Example Sentences for outsized

  • 1

    An outsize puppet monster with glowing red eyes and devouring paws appears.

  • 2

    An outsized crown topped the monument.

  • 3

    The article is really getting outsized.

  • 4

    That looks to me to be an outsized man's job.

  • 5

    This species is a greenish finch with outsized bill.

  • 6

    They also transport other outsized cargo and yachts.

  • 7

    Excellent comment about the outsized claims made by some.

  • 8

    Because the scope of the event made everything about it outsized.

  • 9

    You have an outsize talent, and a very strong voice.

  • 10

    It operates international charter services in the world outsize cargo market.