To outpaces someone is to be faster or better than them. If you outpace your opponent in a race, you will win.

  • He outpaced his opponents in the race and won first place.

  • She outpaced her classmates in the spelling competition and won first place.

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Example Sentences for outpaces

  • 1

    The company cannot be outpaced or outmatched.

  • 2

    It is outpacing the U.S in both unemployment and employment.

  • 3

    The mosquitos used their speed to outpace the butterflys.

  • 4

    The subversion has constantly outpaced efforts.

  • 5

    In many conditions, it will actually outpace the classic Tornado.

  • 6

    Base metals are likely to outpace precious metals in 2013.

  • 7

    Maybe Shanghai, Guangzhou or Lhasa will outpace the other regions.

  • 8

    Growth in the traditional churches is outpacing growth in the moderate churches.

  • 9

    The surge in ocean liner size outpaced the shipping regulations.

  • 10

    Melting ceased to outpace the arrival of new ice from the north.