To outnumber is to have more people than the other party. When there are more people voting than the other party, it's usually a sign that they are in the majority.

  • The outnumbering of the vote was enough to make the decision official.

  • The outnumbering of the police force was enough to make them take action.

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Example Sentences for outnumbering

  • 1

    The Huns greatly outnumber the Goths.

  • 2

    The Muslims outnumber the Catholics.

  • 3

    The imitators outnumber the innovators.

  • 4

    The good guys outnumber the bad.

  • 5

    The proletarians inevitably outnumber the capitalists.

  • 6

    In the end, the losses would outnumber the gains.

  • 7

    Being outnumbered is childish and against the the spirit of wiki.

  • 8

    It's a pity the morons of the world outnumber the reasonable people.

  • 9

    In fact, in the early days the trustees threatened to outnumber the students.

  • 10

    However, the villains outnumber the heroes and regain control of the situation.