To outlive something is to live longer than it. Sometimes people use the word to refer to someone who is going to survive a particular event or situation.

  • He is going to outlive the disease because he is younger and has a healthier lifestyle.

  • She is going to outlive the scandal because she is a good person who will not let it define her.

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Example Sentences for outlive

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    In the long view, the word will outlive the Senator.

  • 2

    It did not outlive the end of the 4th century.

  • 3

    The son outlived the father by 64 years.

  • 4

    The throne of Oahu would not outlive that of his grandchildren's.

  • 5

    The inquiry would eventually outlive the Bjelke Petersen government.

  • 6

    In any case, some myths have the grasshopper outliving the ant.

  • 7

    In the more affluent parts of the world, the women outlive the men on average.

  • 8

    Outliving most of her contemporaries, DeCamp died of pneumonia in 2001.

  • 9

    I hereby predict that the ensuing drahmaz outlive the block duration.

  • 10

    The confusion between the West and East Indies did not outlive Columbus.