Outlived means to outlive someone or something. When you outlive someone, you survive them longer than they do.

  • He outlived the cancer by a few months.

  • The plant outlived the drought by a few weeks.

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Example Sentences for outlasted

  • 1

    The partisan terms outlasted the lives of these two men.

  • 2

    The alliance would not outlast the war.

  • 3

    The peace did not outlast the year.

  • 4

    This will outlast the wear and tear of the device.

  • 5

    Sometimes the best thing to do is outlast the vandal.

  • 6

    His ability to outlast the sands of time is given.

  • 7

    The marriage did not outlast the Spanish Civil War.

  • 8

    This is the case whether you outlast the performance of the loan or not.

  • 9

    The coalition government envisaged by the treaty did not long outlast it.

  • 10

    The influence of Roman law would long outlast the empire.