When you use the word otherworldly, you are referring to things or people that are outside of the normal world. Otherworldly creatures might appear in your dreams, and people who are otherworldly might have special powers.

  • Otherworldly creatures inhabit the other side of the mirror.

  • Otherworldly creatures inhabit the world of dreams.

Definition of otherworldly


existing outside of or not in accordance with nature


nonnatural, preternatural, transcendental

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Example Sentences for otherworldly

  • 1

    The spiritual desideratum was not otherworldly.

  • 2

    As the paranormal continues to suffuse movies and TV, a subset dealing with skepticism of the otherworldly has emerged.

  • 3

    There is seldom confirmation of the otherworldly.

  • 4

    Here there are seldom any encounters with the otherworldly.

  • 5

    Some whoopings, followed by an otherworldly quavering.

  • 6

    Let me tell you it was otherworldly.

  • 7

    The four goddesses are defined by their otherworldly beauty.

  • 8

    He seems to take the otherworldly very seriously.

  • 9

    Adam is also being chased by otherworldly forces.

  • 10

    War erupted between the Midkemians and the otherworldly Tsurani.