To orientate yourself is to find your bearings. When you first arrive somewhere, you need to orientate yourself to the new environment.

  • She was orientating herself to the new city by walking around.

  • He orientated himself by looking at a map.

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    Orientalism refers to the Orient or East, in contrast to the Occident or West.

  • 2

    The Eastern lowlands in the Oriente experience an equatorial climate.

  • 3

    Judaism is law oriented, tradition oriented, reverent of past usages.

  • 4

    But the orientation of the coil is sideways.

  • 5

    It gives the orientation of the plane.

  • 6

    The Japanese are the Englishmen of the Orient.

  • 7

    The apse is oriented to the east.

  • 8

    The family is of Puritan orientation.

  • 9

    The orientation of the portal is different.

  • 10

    To the Oriental, the Westerner was a devil.