To orchestrate something is to plan and organize it. You might orchestrate a dinner party, or you might orchestrate a play.

  • He is orchestrating a birthday party for his friend.

  • She is orchestrating a play for her school.

Definition of orchestrating


To arrange or score music for performance by an orchestra.


To compose or arrange orchestral music for a dramatic performance.


To arrange or direct diverse elements to achieve a desired effect

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Example Sentences for orchestrating

  • 1

    The music was orchestrated by the famous musician.

  • 2

    The orchestration of Wissing's music is refined and powerful.

  • 3

    The orchestration is credited to Mily Balakirev.

  • 4

    She now orchestrates the quilting group.

  • 5

    She orchestrated the song and conducted the orchestra.

  • 6

    He never wrote an orchestration of the piece.

  • 7

    The orchestration was created with help of a kappelmeister of the theatre.

  • 8

    The rest of the orchestration was done by Alan Boustead.

  • 9

    There are differences in the orchestration of the non choral movements.

  • 10

    This article needs a description of the orchestration of the work.