To orbit is to go around a planet or a star. The Earth orbits around the sun.

  • The satellite was orbiting the Earth.

  • The planets were orbiting around the star.

Definition of orbiting


To circle or revolve around another object.


To move around the general vicinity of something.


To place an object into an orbit around a planet.

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Example Sentences for orbiting

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    The planet orbits the star in a rather eccentric orbit.

  • 2

    The planet orbits the star in a very eccentric orbit.

  • 3

    But the near circular orbits appears to be a poser.

  • 4

    Why the orbit of pluto is different than the orbits of other planets

  • 5

    This is the analog of the angular momentum in the case of the circular orbits.

  • 6

    The period of the orbit depends a little on the mass of the planet.

  • 7

    The apogee was also slightly higher than the planned circular orbit of.

  • 8

    Bode determined the orbit of Uranus and suggested the planet's name.

  • 9

    The planet orbits in the outer edge of the star's habitable zone.

  • 10

    The story line begins with the USS Dauntless in orbit of planet, Vesuvi 3.