The word orangish is used to describe colors that are between orange and yellow. It is usually used to describe colors that are a little bit darker than either of those colors.

  • The orangish color was perfect for the outfit.

  • The orangish color looked really good on him.

Definition of orangish


of the color between red and yellow; similar to the color of a ripe orange



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Example Sentences for orangish

  • 1

    The building is orangish yellow in color.

  • 2

    It has a gray crust and orangish flesh.

  • 3

    I think in fact the fuzziness is orangish in color.

  • 4

    The female is a bright orangish red on the back and wings.

  • 5

    The upper mandible is orangish yellow, and the lower mandible is dark.

  • 6

    The upper part of the bill is grey; the lower part is orangish.

  • 7

    The contrast of the bluish glass and orangish fish is really nice.

  • 8

    The packaging of the first copies of this release was orangish brown in colour.

  • 9

    An ocular albino eye appears orangish pink in color with no pigmentation at all.

  • 10

    The cap is buff brown to dingy orangish brown and pale ochraceous when dry.