When something is oppressive, it is limiting or restricting. People who are oppressive often have power over others, and they use that power to control and to oppress.

  • The oppressive regime has ruled the country for decades.

  • The oppressive dress is uncomfortable and restrictive.

Definition of oppressing


To keep down by unjust force.


To make sad or gloomy.


Physically to press down on (someone) with harmful effects; to smother, crush.

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Example Sentences for oppressing

  • 1

    The new leader was oppressive.

  • 2

    Be the enemy of oppressor and supporters of oppressed.

  • 3

    Such behaviour is cowardly and oppressive in the extreme.

  • 4

    This was the climate of oppression of the left at that time.

  • 5

    It was as though the oppression of the interregnum never happened.

  • 6

    Many people suffered from oppression.

  • 7

    Even the kings are shudras and oppress the brahmanas.

  • 8

    Conditions within the city are oppressive and harsh.

  • 9

    The condition of the oppressed and deprived was no longer the same.

  • 10

    The prospects of the future oppressed him heavily.