An opportunist is someone who is always looking for their chance to take advantage of a situation. They are usually very quick to take advantage of any opportunity that they see.

  • The opportunist tried to take advantage of the situation by giving the victim a discount.

  • The opportunist was taking advantage of the fact that the victim was emotional.

Definition of opportunists


taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit


opportunistic, timeserving


a person who places expediency above principle



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Example Sentences for opportunists

  • 1

    It is a coalition of the clever, the ignorant and the opportunist.

  • 2

    It is an omnivorous and opportunistic forager and feeder.

  • 3

    The opportunists became social chauvinists.

  • 4

    The problem is that this man was clearly an extreme opportunist.

  • 5

    Spader is creepily effective as the ladder climbing opportunist.

  • 6

    Dummar was largely discounted by the public as a phony and an opportunist.

  • 7

    He is an opportunist and a good representation of his profession.

  • 8

    The wars of religion reflected his opportunist character.

  • 9

    As a result, his popularity fell and he was thought of as an opportunist.

  • 10

    He joined his brother in the ranks of the Opportunist Republicans.