The oort cloud is a giant cloud of particles that orbits the sun beyond the orbit of the planets. It's named after the Dutch astronomer who first identified it.

  • There is a small chance that a meteor will hit the earth, and the oort cloud could help to protect us from that.

Definition of oort


Dutch astronomer who proved that the galaxy is rotating and proposed the existence of the Oort cloud (1900-1992)


jan hendrix oort

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    It's not even confirmed that there is an Oort cloud.

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    The oort cloud is absolutely hilarious.

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    Oort was fascinated by radio waves from the universe.

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    However, it still has not passed the heliopause or the Oort cloud.

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    The Oort min is smack in the middle of the MWP period, incidentally.

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    But I think this problem of the mass of the Oort cloud is... not insignificant.