Omnipresent means that something is everywhere. The sun is omnipresent, which means that it is always present in the sky.

  • Omnipresence is a more technical term that is usually used when talking about God.

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Example Sentences for omnipresent

  • 1

    God is omnipresent.

  • 2

    The presence of past is omnipresent.

  • 3

    Logic is omnipresent, unchangeable, and objective.

  • 4

    The aroma of wood smoke is omnipresent.

  • 5

    It built the world's tallest building and was omnipresent.

  • 6

    This was omnipresent in nutrition education in the United States.

  • 7

    His image is omnipresent in the chain's advertising and packaging.

  • 8

    The Spirit of God, of Jesus, of our God is omnipresent.

  • 9

    The doctor is an omnipresent figure in the asylum, checking in on the women.

  • 10

    The possibility is omnipresent, and to take note of it is not a hostile act.