ominously means ominously or ominously enough. When you say something is ominously, you mean that it is a warning or that there is danger involved.

  • The ominously large storm was causing a lot of damage.

  • The ominously quiet room was making her feel uneasy.

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Example Sentences for ominously

  • 1

    The stars are ominous and foreboding.

  • 2

    In the midst of the jollity there is an ominous mood.

  • 3

    The day dawned bright and ominous.

  • 4

    The meeting was thought ominous by the people.

  • 5

    The warnings were ominous and frequent.

  • 6

    All are destined to face the ominous specter.

  • 7

    Despite the ominous threat, the party was a success.

  • 8

    The chorus is definitely somber, eerie, ominous.

  • 9

    The ending of the article seems a bit ominous.

  • 10

    This was an ominous sign and the end of the road was not far away.