An oligarchy is a system in which a few people control the majority of the resources and power in a society. This usually happens when there is a lack of democracy or when the government is controlled by a few powerful people.

  • The oligarchy in the country is bad because it's controlled by a few rich people.

  • The oligarchy in the school is good because the teachers are able to have control over the curriculum.


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Example Sentences for oligarchy

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    The ruling class in the US is too large and diverse to be an oligarchy.

  • 2

    That's the worst kind of oligarchy.

  • 3

    The Megarian Oligarchy were exiled.

  • 4

    The dynamics of the society are governed by oligarchy.

  • 5

    In contrast, the Confederate States of America was an oligarchy.

  • 6

    The sociologists call it the iron law of oligarchy.

  • 7

    An oligarchy of quarrelsome magnates gained control of Hungary.

  • 8

    The city of Sasserine is a mix of oligarchy and representative democracy.

  • 9

    The combination of both plutocracy and oligarchy is called plutarchy.

  • 10

    The gulf between the military and the civilian oligarchies broadened.