Oftentimes is a word that is used to introduce a sentence or paragraph that is going to contain a lot of information. It's usually used in a formal setting, where the speaker is trying to be polite.

  • Oftentimes, the government tries to keep information secret.

  • Oftentimes, the teacher spends too much time on the lesson instead of letting the students talk.

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Example Sentences for oftentimes

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    Oftentimes, events and details will be forgotten with the passage of time.

  • 2

    Oftentimes they're redundant to the prose.

  • 3

    Oftentimes, onions are included in the marinade.

  • 4

    Oftentimes, there is a larger selection of images.

  • 5

    The reality, oftentimes, is just the opposite.

  • 6

    Oftentimes there is a larger selection of images at the commons.

  • 7

    Oftentimes, the enemy stirs the pot in these forums.

  • 8

    Oftentimes, the vandalism is blatant and clearly malicious.

  • 9

    If the behavior is disruptive, this is oftentimes the best response.

  • 10

    Oftentimes, the cause of speech and language impairments is unknown.