An octogenarian is a person who is old enough to have a retirement plan, but who is still alive and kicking. Octogenarians are usually very healthy, and they are often very active.

  • She is an octogenarian and she's still very active.

  • He is an octogenarian and he's still healthy and active.

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Example Sentences for octogenarian

  • 1

    She is not an octogenarian.

  • 2

    At that time she was an octogenarian.

  • 3

    As an octogenarian, he does quite well.

  • 4

    Ralph, the messenger boy, is a deaf octogenarian.

  • 5

    This was the octogenarian Marshal Pedro de Garibay.

  • 6

    Bill is the youngest member of the witnesses, a gang of octogenarian rebels.

  • 7

    Like Steve, he has a fetish for octogenarian women.

  • 8

    Did he have a burst of mathematical activity as an octogenarian

  • 9

    He can do brilliant with the octogenarian senior partners.

  • 10

    The octogenarian Templeton has always been a devoted Christian.