To obsess is to think about something obsessively. You might obsess about your work, or you might obsess about your partner.

  • She obsesses over her work, and she's never done anything else in her life.

  • He obsesses over his weight, and he's never been able to stick to a diet.

Definition of obsess


haunt like a ghost; pursue


ghost, haunt


be preoccupied with something

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Example Sentences for obsess

  • 1

    They seem to be the obsessive one.

  • 2

    What is the obsession with the prostitution

  • 3

    Behold the fruits of boredom and obsession.

  • 4

    It's there to satiate the appetite of the obsessive fanbase.

  • 5

    Some of the faciers are obsessed with eating.

  • 6

    He is obsessed with the rock music.

  • 7

    He is the obsessive here with Rani.

  • 8

    He was obsessed with the rules of propriety.

  • 9

    He's obsessed in the power of the prominence.

  • 10

    In fact, the community is weary of anything obsessive.