Obeys is a word that is used to describe someone who is obedient. They will do what they're told, even if it's something that they don't want to do.

  • The children were obedient and they all listened to their father.

  • The soldier was obedient and he followed orders without question.

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Example Sentences for obeys

  • 1

    Even the truculent Taiaroa obeyed.

  • 2

    The men obeyed, but the women did not.

  • 3

    The monarch is expected to obey the law.

  • 4

    However, the pressure obeys the thermodynamic relation.

  • 5

    Contumacy is the refusal to obey a court order.

  • 6

    Instead of obeying the orders, the group attacked the policeman.

  • 7

    She obeys to save herself from the lash.

  • 8

    The bosonic field operators obey the commutation relation.

  • 9

    The particles of a rigid body obey the holonomic constraint.

  • 10

    After the muster, the recruits swore to obey the articles of war.